Hallman Construction

If you've been looking for the perfect place to raise your family look no further than Riverwood, the prestigious new residential development nestled into one of Kitchener's most beautiful naturescapes. Here you can wile away summer afternoons on the shoreline as the Grand River drifts lazily downstream. Take a walk in the parklands that honeycomb this magnificent new community, or enjoy the wildlife that inhabits the Natchez Park Conservation Area that abuts the northern end of Riverwood. But Riverwood is much more than a new home development in a pristine natural setting. It's a thoughtfully designed community that offers high standards and uncompromising quality. Riverwood's street patterns are laid out to facilitate traffic calming. The landscaping within the community is nothing short of opulent and an abundance of green space weaves its way throughout Riverwood.

Riverwood's homes are subject to stringent architectural controls that will ensure your home will retain its value and over time increase at a faster pace than elsewhere. We have selected four of the area's most reputable builders to build within this exceptional new community. Prior to commencing construction on a home at Riverwood, your builder will have gone through five steps to ensure that the home being built conforms to the community's stringent architectural standards. These include items such as roof pitch, roof surfaces, exterior finishes, entry doors, window frames and a long list of other standards to which Riverwood's builders are required to adhere.

The end result is a community that will provide decades of quality enjoyment for you and your family. Knowing that Riverwood is located in Kitchener's most desirable residential area and that the homes are built to higher standards, will give you and your family a peace of mind that only comes from knowing you've made the right choice.

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